Monument Legacy

Donor Advised Fund

Monument Legacy is the charitable giving solution for those who value freedom, life, and human flourishing in the pursuit of a virtuous and prosperous society.

Highest Purpose

The most valuable asset of a charity organization is the relationships to its Donors who make their endeavor possible. However, those relationships are also their most undervalued assets. Every non-profit has the same basic approach to fundraising – "if you like our mission then please support us." They can do so much more.

Among endless other options for Donors, this solution is built differently to make your impact greater and your causes stronger.

Monument stands as the guidepost pointing to a new path that aligns your principles with how you give and invest, building toward cultural, economic, and spiritual renewal.

Dual Focus

Monument Legacy is distinct in its design to benefit both Donors and charity organizations.

It features not only the standard Donor benefits, but also additional strategic options that can synergize a full portfolio. This unique platform primarily helps charity organizations launch and grow toward fulfilling their mission. 

Monument Legacy provides maximum benefit to society by ensuring two priorities: (1) what is best for the donor and (2) what is best for the charitable organizations.

Monument operates on the premise that what is best is maximizing choice – choice of how funds are invested, choice of how funds are distributed, choice of who manages funds, choice of where funds are held, and choice of how relationships are arranged. Monument provides choice at every step, where other options do not.

Charity & Business Alignment

Monument is distinct in aligning the business world to support the missions of charity organizations and, in turn, the operation of the charities to drive the growth of the businesses who support them.

We reject the false division between the work of for-profit and non-profit enterprises. An IRS filing does not determine the nature of the work or the value of what it produces. Both types can be driven by a mission, and both need financial investment to realize that mission.