How We Serve Donors

Values Alignment

Most Donors are simply not aware of different ways to design their investing and charitable giving—and therefore tolerate an arrangement misaligned with their values. Monument has built a structure to elevate that awareness and provide the right menu of options to principled Donors. 

We align your investments, financial advisers, and other service providers with your values. At the same time, we strategically drive your growth and the growth of the organizations you support. Rather than thoughtlessly donating to charities that may be opposed to your values, Monument creates trusted channels for smart, tax-deductible giving.

Through its unique network of relationships, Monument is able to make recommendations of high-quality organizations that match your priorities and maximize your impact.

Superior Service

Monument provides high-touch, concierge service to the Donors and charities, not an impersonal do-it-yourself website. A Donor simply makes a distribution request and we take care of it from beginning to end. Monument sends personalized letters to each recipient and follows up to ensure they received the contribution. We build direct relationships with the charities that you support.

Monument also researches and provides reports on how charities are meeting the Donor’s expectations in their mission and cost effectiveness. Unbeknownst to Donors, far too many nonprofits have drifted from their stated objectives and embraced contradictory political and social issues. Further, the percentage of dollars being put to the mission and not to expenses may be unfavorable compared to similar organizations. Monument is in a position to suggest alternative worthy causes in these situations.

Direct Control

The Donor's contributions are invested in their segregated account controlled by them, not in a large pool. Donors have the option to keep their current Financial Advisor, who can customize their investment portfolio versus using generic investment models. They may keep their account where they hold their other investment accounts, not having to move funds to another institution.

This streamlined structure allows for more efficiency and a lower cost than larger commercial options.

Refundable Accounts

Monument's unique approach separates accounts for contributions that are refundable to the Donor, following IRS rules allowing interest-free loans to non-profit organizations. A Donor can fund an account up to the IRS limit and then distribute investment profits to charities, reserving the ability to pull back their contributions (while not taking a tax deduction).

Alternative Assets

Monument is willing and able to hold alternative assets where most other outlets are not. For instance, illiquid assets such as private fund investments or life settlement contracts can be held. Also, we accept closely-held business interests as part of an estate planning or wealth transfer process.