How We Serve Advisers

Benefit Your Clients with Monument Legacy

Monument Legacy is a differentiator for Financial Advisers in serving their clients. Of the endless available tools on the market, we provide greater efficiency and effectiveness to your client's overall financial picture, while also serving the common good.

Unlike restrictive commercial options, Monument is an open architecture Donor Advised Fund platform for advisers to customize to their needs. The adviser continues to directly manage the assets in the account, not being forced to choose from only a handful of generic strategies or deal with high minimums.

Monument's independence and efficiency allows it to keep the administrative cost lower than the charitable option at your primary custodian—and to be flexible depending on the overall client situation.

The refundable interest-free loans and partnerships with the Donor's chosen charities are unique value propositions compared to the alternatives.

Monument Legacy is glad to work with Financial Advisers in providing this proprietary charitable giving solution to clients. We are partners, not competitors.