How We Serve Charities

Improve Fundraising & Donor Relations

Where other DAF platforms only consider benefits to the Donors, Monument uniquely partners with the recipient charitable organizations themselves, enhancing their Donor relations and advancing their mission.

Monument coordinates with the charity and their Donors on how to improve their existing giving to provide greater support to the cause. Our platform provides distinct methods to increase fundraising on top of their existing ones.

Regardless of whether a Donor chooses to engage with Monument, your charity receives appreciation for bringing a unique proposition to them. Your organization stands out from all others by offering something truly different in its Donor relations.

Startup Charity Solutions

Monument is a platform to help newly-formed charitable organizations grow in fulfilling their mission. Founders may be filled with zeal, but not necessarily knowledge on the practical matters of and right relationships needed for running their operation.

Monument connects new charities to the right resources aligned with their values and mission. Particularly in financial matters, our structure provides options for financial services professionals who are best suited to the needs and outlook of the organization. Our aim is to avoid the all-too-common mismatch between what a donor believes and how his or her money is used.

Further, one of Monument’s goals is to connect existing Donors to new opportunities matching their principles and interests. Our framework creates conduits for the like-minded to find and support one another.

Featured Charities